Sustainability and Circular Economy – The importance of cloosing the loop

Societal and environmental changes challenge business. Doing the same over and over again in a quickly changing economic environment and thereby expecting a positive outcome, cannot work. Albert Einstein defined this behaviour as ‘madness’. Still most business models are structured this way – and many of them are already at the point of disruption. Digitalisation […]

Sustainable Leadership – Innovation in Times of Change

Challenges and limits of social change, ethical leadership and the development of an innovative leadership climate are the contents of our seminar focusing on the responsibility of corporate boards and top management. Good Corporate Governance requires visionary leaders who are able to meet the challenges of a changing society beyond short-term troubleshooting.

Our partner in India

INDIAN CENTER FOR CSR Strategic partnerships are of great importance for us in international markets to adapt our services to local conditions most adequately. We therefore choose our partners with great care and dedicate ourselves intensively to the establishment and maintenance of trustful and responsible relationships and cooperation. In this section we would like to […]

Sustainable Leadership

GOOD CORPORATE GOVERNANCE braucht Anführer mit einer Vision, die über die kurzfristige Problembehandlung hinaus in der Lage sind, Herausforderungen einer sich wandelnden Gesellschaft adäquat zu begegnen. Herausforderungen und Grenzen gesellschaftlicher Veränderungen, ethischer Führung und die Entwicklung eines innovativen Führungsklimas sind die Inhalte unseres Seminars zur Verantwortung von Aufsichtsräten und Top-Management. In Einzel-Coachings oder modular aufgebauten […]