Sustainability leadership & the role of the board

csr and communication was very honoured to have been invited to take part in the SLOVENIAN CORPORATE GOVERNANCE CONFERENCE 2017 in November 2017 in Ljubljana. The Slovenian Director’s association invited its members to learn about new transparency and accountability expectations, reaching beyond regular governance codes and focusing on ethical consciousness and a holistic approach to governing companies by integrated thinking. Boards must understand the importance of sustainability and its long-term value to their businesses. Alongside international experts like Richard Howitt, CEO IIRC and Lutgart Van den Berghe, Chair of Policy Committee and Board Member, ecoDa and Executive Director, The Belgian Institute of Directors – Guberna, Karin Huber-Heim, executive director of csr and communication, pointed out that fit-for-the-future boards must understand the importance of sustainability and its long-term value to their businesses. All three speakers agreed, that CEOs and Boards should be considered an integral part of the leadership coalition for sustainability in the company, and that Boards should commit themselves to a systematic dialogue with relevant stakeholders – not just shareholders.

At csr and communication, we help boards to :

  • Align on the strategic imperative and materiality of corporate sustainability as critical for the company’s long-term viability
  • Realize the integral role that Board members can and should play in overseeing, incentivizing and driving corporate sustainability, by embedding it into Board duties, composition and structure
  • Take action to demonstrate leadership on Board adoption and oversight of corporate sustainability with investors, employees, customers and other stakeholders  

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