stakeholder communication is a conversation.
we believe in the power of relationships for
sustainable business success and take
sustainability beyond reporting.


csr & communication understands CSR as CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY and thus as an innovative force for a sustainable future. We specialise in building relationships and communicating with various stakeholders to identify responsibility and sustainability issues. Our experts enable sustainable, strategic relationships with your stakeholders, support you in maintaining these relationships and thus enable your company to have an „outside-in“ perspective (SDG compass). We advise you in all areas of social responsibility, get your employees on board and translate your reputation and sustainability issues into sustainable, innovative sustainability management.

On the basis of careful stakeholder analysis and identification of the main corporate impacts along the entire value chain, we rely on proven and new methods of dialogue:

  • Media and interpersonal relationship building
  • Communicating with different stakeholder groups according to their needs and interests
  • Conflict and dispute moderation and solution
  • Sustainability-Storytelling

For this we provide comprehensive advice and expertise.



Who are your stakeholders, what impacts does your business have on individual stakeholders and stakeholder groups and how can you inform them about your company’s activities? We develop comprehensive, integrated communication concepts for your business.

  • Stakeholder Involvement by Communication
  • CS/R Branding
  • CS/R Blogging
  • Anti-Greenwashing consultancy

SDG Strategy and Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility -c-head_green hero

We develop integrated strategies for corporate sustainability based on the impacts of your business activities along the value chain – in accordance with international standards such as UN Global Compact, ISO 26000 or OECD Guidelines. In addition, we can offer audit preparation for certification according to the Austrian CSR standard ONR 192500, based on ISO 26000, and support your company in tributing to the UN Sustainable Developement Goals

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Materiality and Issue Management
  • ISO 26000
  • Dilemma Management
  • Circular Economy – Business Model Innovation

Sustainability-Storytelling -c-head_bike

We develop authentic and credible representation of your sustainability story in word and film. Our expert team fits the narrative of each prioritized stakeholder group to the preferred communications channels – whether it’s international investors, employees, business partners, consumers or community.

  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Stakeholder Involvement by emotion

Sustainability Reporting-c-head_be aware

We provide consultation on content and methodology according to GRIs G4 Guidelines (awarded for Best SME Report 2015 with the ASRA), in accordance with the EU Directive 2014/95/EU on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information , effective from the reporting year 2017. Content preparation and reporting by IIRC <IR>

  • Materiality
  • Stakeholder Communications Matrix
  • Sustainability Indicators
  • <IR>
  • SDG Reporting

ESG Communication for Investor Relations -c-head_green vision

We prepare your Environmental, social and Government information, facts and figures adequately to keep investors on track of your strategies and activities in sustainable corporate development. We cooperate and collaborate with the relevant departments of your company to tell investors your specific growth story by editing and weaving in ESG aspects into roadshows and preparing your data for ESG questionnaires.

  • Non-financial performance indicators
  • ESG aspects
  • Sustainability Story for roadshows

Social Impact Measurement -c-Head_Zeit

What’s the impact my CS/R has on my stakeholders?  Does sustainability make a real difference in regards to society? How can I measure this and prove?

  • Social Impact metrics
  • IOOI
  • Logical Framework for „Who, what, why, where, when and how“

Workshops, Seminars, Trainings -c-head_climate change

  • Want to develop your SDG strategy?
  • Want to integrate sustainability within your company and build internal capacity?
  • Need to highlight a certain area of corporate sustainability specifically for your company?
  • Want to get to know us?

Book one of our in-house workshops! We are happy to adjust our seminars and trainings to your team’s needs.