stakeholder communication is a conversation.
we believe in the power of relationships for
sustainable business success and take
sustainability beyond reporting.



Advance your skills, develop capacities, meet our experts – by attending our seminars, trainings or workshops:

  • SDG Strategy & The Future of Our Business -Where and how to stay in business while contributing to a sustainable future
  • Sustainable Leadership – Challenges of social change and innovative management for the future
  • Materiality – Important stakeholders, their issues and business impacts along the value chain
  • Reporting according to the EU directive „Non-financial performance indicators“
  • From Sustainability Reporting to <IR>   – The roadmap to Integrated Reporting
  • Sustainability indicators – Collecting and securing valid data for Sustainability Reporting
  • Social Impact Measurement – Impact Metrics for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility
  • CS/R & Communications – Six steps to successful stakeholder communications
  • Circular Economy –  Opportunities for continuous value creation
  • Sustainability Storytelling – Telling the story of sustainable growth
  • ISO 26000 – Holistic CS/R management
  • Stakeholder Involvement & CSR Branding – The roadmap to a Sustainability Brand
  • CS/R Blogging – The interactive Sustainability Diary
  • Standards, norms and management systems – what fits my company best?
  • Training „Internal Auditor“ with personal communication and interaction module and TÜV certificate (2 days)

Let us know your specific needs and interests! We are happy to design your individual workshop or training.
All workshops and training sessions can be booked at any time. Number of participants by agreement.